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[kmovie] - Sunny (2011)

I"ve been following "We Got Married" on "teukso couple" (Super Junior, Leeteuk and Kang Sora) well.. WGM is a korean reality show/variety show where they pair celebrities up as a make believe married couple.. well leeteuk and kang sora was one of the couples in it. well if you're interested u can check up the show HERE -

so yeah.. from there i get to know Kang Sora, an actress.. and about this movie, "SUNNY" where Leeteuk always say it was a really good movie.. so i've searched for it, watched it, and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!

"SUNNY" is a movie about friendship bonds of 7 ladies during their highschool years and continued on even after being seperated due to an accident and losing in touch for so many years, but was reunited after that when In NaMi runs into ChunHwa in the hospital where her mom was hospitalized. She learned that Chunhwa was diagnosed with cancer and is in the last few stages where she only have 2 more months to live. Nami asked Chunhwa if there's anything she could do to help her. At first Chunhwa tells her to not worry, however after reconsidering, she told Nami that she misses the member of "Sunny" and her wish is to see them before she dies.

part 1

part 2

well.. i lazy wanna post every part here.. and besides it is not my video.. i dont want to get in trouble nor get the uploader in trouble.. so the rest of the parts u can find it here - :)

hv fun watching ^^
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HAPPY 2012!

HEY THERE~ I KNOW IM LATE~ but i dun think that its too late to say this...


its been a while since the last time i login to LJ..
i've been busy.. with life~
so here's a little update on me.. :)
i've finally graduate! \o/ now currently job huntin at the same time i'm working temporary as a part time clerk~ ^^ 

so yeah.. everything is back to square one.. 
feels like im at the fork of the road.. in a state of confusion on which road i should be taking to continue..

so yeah.. wish me luck ^^ and hope u have the best year ahead :D

PS : share with u a song im listening now~ ^^ kyuhyun's voice.. daebak! \o/

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hey hey..

its been a while since me lurking around in LJ
i've been really really busy with my uni stuff lately especially on my final year thesis and assignments.
thank god everything its over now..

i've officially submitted my baby (thesis) ^^v

well.. one thing after another, im having my finals now.. tomorrow is my first paper. wish me luck kay? ^^

anyway.. i found a great great song~ though i would like to share~
by coincident.. i was watching Himitsu no arashi, aoi yuu was the guest, and she was promoting her movie "Raiou"

while watching the trailer, i got attracted to the bg song instead lol..

by Maika.. the song entitled "kokoro" aka 心 (heart in chinese) 

she has a unique voice, somehow reminds me of Shakira and Alanis Morissette.. 
Aoi Yuu and Masaki Okada are both so cute together here in this Mv ^^ (well they are the lead in Raiou as well)

i got interested in Aoi Yuu coz she co-starred with Sakurai Sho in Honey and Clover the Movie, and now Raiou was one of her latest work..
well she's pretty though.. :) very demure..

well.. "Raiou" or "the lightning tree"  is a love story, (so i've heard) according to Jun, its a modern type of Romeo and Juliet..
sounds interesting though.. i might watch this after my finals! ^^
found a link to download this.. if u're interested in downloading the movie, u can pm me and i'll give u the direct link ^^

lastly, before i go, here's another great song by maika :) enjoy~