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Arashi and Super Junior excites me. :D

27 June
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  • lisaaayeoo@livejournal.com
im Lisa. \o/
I love super junior!
and currently is obsessed with ARASHI!

am, Infatuated with Sakurai sho~ (♥_♥)

i blog mostly on kpop stuffs, kdramas, or anything that is to do with "K".. since i'm still new towards jpop, or anything related to "J" :P
and also mainly on stuffs that i think is interesting that i've found, that i would like to share~ well sharing is caring~ ;) since this is not really my main blog.. therefore stuffs i blog will be mainly on this area of stuffs~ (i have too many blogs!)

and yes to be honest i created LiveJournal because of arashi.. but ever since tat, i came to find LJ has actually more to offer aside from just arashi~ xD so yeah.. no worries, i update my blogs~ i'll update from time to time~ ;)

cheerios~ :D

ps : well if u're interested visit my main blog, lisaaayeoo.blogspot.com ^^v